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BerylHealth Joins Forces with Phytel in New Partnership

For all of the blood, sweat and tears spent in the care of patients, there’s something to be said about passion. Every person who’s entered nursing feels it and during my clinical career, it was a tremendously important part of who I was for my patients. I moved from the bedside to management, that passion still burned but on a different set of terms. In my role at BerylHealth, my passion has a channel, improving the patient experience.

That passion for the patient experience is why I’m excited by BerylHealth’s new partnership with Phytel, the leader in physician-led population health improvement. Through this partnership, BerylHealth found a post-discharge solution for hospitals that by using technology and data to personalize and/or automate care, increases patient compliance, reduce readmission rates and improves the patient experience.

So what does this all mean? The intersection of BerylHealth’s cloud technology and Phytel’s patient communication engine complement the passion with which you deliver care. The service will offer well-coordinated patient care that includes personalized follow-up calls to high-risk patients, as well as automated messaging to every single patient discharged from the client hospital. Depending on the client’s individual needs, calls to patients can be personalized, automated or as a combination of both. Technology  serves our passion for delivering for the ideal patient experience.

So how does this help the discharged patients? It means the same caring, personal connection they get inside the hospital is delivered after they leave the hospital. With help from this service, measurable results show that patient compliance goes up and readmission rates go down, leading to deeper patient satisfaction. The patient gets better, stays better and reflects that back on to the hospital..

And what does this do for the hospital’s bottom line? Deeper patient loyalty is achieved, Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey scores are improved and those lowered readmission rates help hospitals avoid Medicare penalties. As I said before, the patient gets better, stays better and reflects that back on to the hospital.

Cynthia Hanna
Clinical Director --  The Beryl Companies